WWF-Pak, KE shake hand to shield Karachi city from CC impacts

STAFF REPORT KHI: The World Wide Fund Pakistan (WWF-Pak) has joined hands with K-Electric Company, according to which both the organizations will mutually put efforts together for making Karachi city a climate friendly territory as the city has already paid penalty due to pollution and climate change impacts in the form of heat waves etc.

A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between both the organizations. It is pertinent to mention here that K-Electric holds the

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Climate change resilient policies can shield from environmental challenges


THE UNCERTAIN variability in climate due to human intervention in nature has aggravated serious challenges to nations across the globe concerning multifaceted domains of water and food security, biodiversity, human health, natural disasters including increased flooding etc. The climate change is a global concern and the relevant bodies must convolve for integrated efforts in order to mollify the effect of noxious climate change phenomenon by impacting on governmental

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Trees only shield to lessen climate change impacts

STAFF REPORT ISB: Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan has said that boosting tree plantation at all levels is must for protecting humans, animals and plants from delirious impacts of global warming.

"No matter how many trees are planted today will secure future of our existing and future generations from the devastating impacts of climate changing causing carbon emissions, particularly carbon dioxide. Failing to which will only continue to expose humans and

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Mangroves shield against natural disasters

STAFF REPORT KHI: Mangroves have successfully established their effective role in minimizing the natural disasters like cyclones on at shores as well as strong winds and also in protecting the sea life as they provide shelter to most of the sea animals.In Pakistan about 90 per cent of mangroves are in Sindh province which is the main reason the province has been spared of disastrous cyclones while Baluchistan has been devastated on many occasions."The reason mangroves have thrived in Sindh

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