WhatsApp Starts Showing A Checkmark

WhatsApp messages have always been accompanied by ticks to show sent and delivered messages, but they have also been the source of some confusion. Now the company is experimenting with a third version: the blue double click that represents a message has been read or viewed.

The confusion around the ticks is long standing. People often believe one tick means ‘delivered’, and two ticks means ‘read’. However,one tick actually means ‘sent’, and two means ‘delivered’, not read. The double blue

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PCRWR projects showing desired results

STAFF REPORT IBD: Chairman PCRWR Dr. Muhammad Aslam Tahir has said that the Council is in the process of new initiatives in order to ensure as well as improve the quality of potable water across the country especially in rural areas where the ratio of water borne diseases are on the rise. Similarly, its ongoing water management projects are on track and achieving the desired goals.

He said this while giving a briefing Federal Minister Science and Technology Zahid Hamid on the Council’s

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