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Smoke from commercial units causing pollution in Rawalpindi

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article image ISLAMABAD: Smoke emitting from small factories and commercial units in several areas of Rawalpindi has not only been causing environmental pollution, but also contributing to fatal diseases, reveals a survey report. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has allowed several small factories and commercial units to operate in many areas without keeping a check on their standard operation procedures, as smoke emitting from these units have badly polluted the environment. During a…Read More

Smoke… a silent killer!

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article image AMONG VARIOUS tangible types of pollution, smoke is the only one that is impalpable. It is a surprising fact that this isolated category of pollution is being neglected in real sense. Smoke which is the mixture of liquid particles, gases and solids, is a silent killer; that has adverse effects on human life in a hushed way. Smoke, whether it exhausts from vehicles or from chimneys of industries is harmful in every aspect. Even it is dangerous too when it exhausts from "sheesha" (…Read More