Safe food production from contaminated soils

WHEN WE study other nations, especially about the life spams we come to know that average life of other peoples is far longer than ours. Survey reports that average life span in America is 78.74 while in Pakistan it is about 66.44. Our life expectancy is not good due to actually poor diet, poor access to affordable health care, poor personal health habits and just plain poverty while these factors are mostly absent or minute in other developed nations. In our country no. of doctors for

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Healthy soils stressed to tackle food security issue

STAFF REPORT RWP: As Pakistan is seriously vulnerable to food security to due to multiple factors, soil scientists have a major role to play by gearing up their efforts for meeting the future challenges of fulfilling requirements of the country’s food security.

This was the crux of the speakers at a three-day 16th International Congress of Soil Science recently concluded at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University (PMAS-AAUER), Rawalpindi.

The theme of the congress was

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Saline agriculture impression in soils and its management strategies

AGRICULTURAL productivity is severely affected by soil salinity because salt levels are harmful to plant growth. Estimates show that at present about 20 per cent of the irrigated land in the world is affected by salinity. The loss of cultivable land due to salinity is likely to increase over the next 20 years. At present, there are nearly 954 million hectares of saline soils on the earth’s surface. All these salt affected soils are distributed throughout the world.

The total

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Building healthy soils for future generations

The soil is the foundation of agriculture, the world community is celebrating 2015 as "International Year of Soils" and the session of General Assembly is dedicated to increase awareness of healthy soils for food security and proper function of ecosystems. This increasing awareness of world community in managing healthy, productive soils is a positive sign for the future agriculture. World is facing serious challenges of population growth, more frequent occurrence of extreme

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