Home composting A step toward organic kitchen gardening

Compost is a bio-fertilizer that feeds the soil first, by replenishing and invigorating the soil food

web. Actually composting is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as

a fertilizer and soil amendment.

It is a key ingredient for plant growth especially in organic farming. Well-made compost is nutrient rich naturally balanced source of nitrogen, phosphorous

and potassium (N-P- K) and a host of beneficial microorganisms. Its incorporation

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Hydroponics is a step towards prosperity of Pakistan

BY ENHANCING awareness amongst the people that the excessive use of soil for crop production by using undue amount of fertilizers and agrochemicals etc., the general features of soil are deteriorating day by day and people are suspicious in fear that the time will come that will show the entire failure of potential of soil for crop production that is food security resultantly, the life on earth will be at danger and miserable condition. Population is increasing at rapid rate consequent upon

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