PSF and TUBITAK to collaborate for S&T development and strengthening

Staff Report ISD: The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) will join hands to attain the mutual objective of development and strengthening of science and technology and alleviate the linkage between both countries.

PSF Chairman, Prof Dr. Muhammad Ashraf had a meeting with Turkish Ambassador, Sadik Babür Girgin at the Turkish Embassy. Dr. Mirza Habib Ali, PSF focal person for the International Linkages and Deputy Head

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Experts for strengthening SMEs for economic growth

STAFF REPORT LHR: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are globally considered the main engine of industrial growth, however, this potential sector has been ignored by the economic managers of the country.
"The owners of SMEs come from humble backgrounds; they know the suffering of lower and middle income groups. So these entrepreneurs work hard, innovate and achieve higher efficiencies because majority of owners are experts in their field," said former chairman of Vocational

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Strengthening of students career counseling system stressed

STAFF REPORT IBD: There is an urgent need to strengthen students’ career counseling system in educational institutions and encourage them the courage to ask questions about different curiosities they confront with.

Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) Secretary General Dr. Anwar Nasim said that while addressing a large gathering of scientists, students and teachers at the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in connection with a lecture on "Characterization and Synthesis of Piezo-

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