S&T experts stress quality education for national progress

STAFF REPORT ISB: UNESCO has urged all the stakeholders to renew their commitment to creating a scientifically literate knowledge society for all, with sustainable development as a top priority which is need of the hour especially in Pakistan.
Vibeke Jensen, Director of UNESCO Office Islamabad, said this while speaking at a seminar titled Quality Science Education: Securing a Sustainable Future for all’ held here to commemorate the World Science Day. The seminar was organized by

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Speakers stress optimal application of science & tech for national progress

Staff report isb: Though progress is being made in the field of science and technology in Pakistan, effective application modern SandT research to achieve the desired results in almost all fields is stall a distant dream mainly due to the multiple factors especially information gap, lack of awareness, ineffective coordination, concerted research activities and non-involvement of end users. They also said that all the stakeholders must be involved with full potential so that the benefits

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Speakers stress optimal application of S&T for national progress

These views were expressed by speakers at a one-day "Second Young Scientists Societies Summit 2014" organized by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST), Technology Times, National Academy of Young Scientists and Tech TV as part of the celebrations of the World Science Day for Peace and Development here on the premises of the PCST on Monday.

The speakers included PCST Chairperson Dr. Mudassar Asrar, Dr. N. M. Butt, Chairman of PINSAT, NUST Science

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Experts stress highly skilled force for progress

STAFF REPORT LHR: Professionals at an event stressed the need for building highly skilled and tech-savvy work force in line with the world’s fast transition to technology to improve productivity efficiently and effectively.
"Through intelligent software and internet technology, we will see tremendous increase in productivity in energy, transport and medical care sectors, and customisation of mass production through 3D printing," said software engineer Saad Bin Tahir.

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Experts stress reformed edu policy for better future

STAFF REPORT KHI: Experts including scientists, educationists and researchers have sought for an updated educational policy for Sindh as well as for other provinces of the country as it would pave the way for quality education for future generations.

They said this at a hands-on training workshop Application of reverse phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography for the evaluation of anti-inflammatory drugs’. The event was organised by the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS).

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Experts stress nuclear technology to address energy needs

STAFF REPORT ISB: Experts and scholars at a recently held seminar-cum-workshop while discussing issues related to peaceful use of nuclear technology and non-proliferation regime have stressed the international community to understand the energy needs and security compulsions of Pakistan.
The event, organised by the Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), was aimed at analysing the current issues in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear technology, non-proliferation as well as nuclear safety

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Experts stress practical research for progress

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan spent Rs 54.7 billion on the development of higher education, over 6,000 research articles are published annually without showing any practical results. The reason for this is that our researchers do not write papers which have any practical value; they are only for theoretical knowledge.
According to experts, the Pakistani PhDs do not conduct any research in practical fields, not even fields such as Biotechnology or Medical science, instead, they find topics

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Experts stress quality education at state, institutional level

STAFF REPORT LHR: Educational quality is fast deteriorating in Pakistan and needs immediate mechanism of effective quality assurance at the state level as well as at institutional level. This was the upshot of discussion at a senior faculty workshop, Challenges of Quality Assurance in Education’, which was organised by the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of the University of Health Sciences (UHS). UHS VC Major General (r) Prof M. Aslam emphasised the need for quality assurance in higher

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Strategies to minimise post-weaning stress

Agriculture is the back bone in the economy of Pakistan. It contributes about 21% in the national GDP with the major share of livestock about 55.1% in the agriculture value added and 11.6% in the national GDP. Annual growth rate of livestock has been recorded 4%. Demand for milk and meat based protein is ever increasing in human population.
Calves are major source of replacement for any farm and every new born calf shows prospect and is supposed to enhance or sustain the flock volume.

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Scientists stress innovative research for food security

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) urged scientists to disseminate new innovations among farming community for the promotion of agriculture and to enhance food production for food security in the country.

"Funds will be provided for the betterment of agriculture sector. The government is focusing on agricultural growth. Technology and new initiatives should reach the farmers’ doorsteps," said NA Committee on National Food Security and Research

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Speakers stress curtailing massive urbanisation

STAFF REPORT FSD: While showing grave concern over the fast urbanization in Pakistan, speakers at a four-day international conference stressed the need to curtail urbanization as it is aggravating the civic as well as other problems.

UAF VC Prof. Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, who chaired the inaugural session, said that per person agriculture land is diminishing in the country, compelling the rural to migrate to cities for earning their livelihood.

"Increase in agri production will

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Experts stress cheap coal based power production

STAFF REPORT LHR: Energy experts have urged the government not to go for upfront high tariff power production from solar and wind and focus on coal, hydro and nuclear sources of energy since the country’s energy mix is already tilted towards high cost power generation.

"We are already producing over 35 percent of our power through high cost furnace oil," said power sector expert Mohsin Syed while talking to media.

He said that the government needs to make up the power

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Experts stress tackling food, environment issues

STAFF REPORT FSD: The world population has increased 15 per cent more than available land and natural resources per person while Pakistan’s population has increased three times and is deteriorating the environment and causing new challenges of food and water security amid climate changes.

Speakers said this at an international seminar on Integrated Flood Management was arranged by Water Management Research Centre in the city.

UAF Vice Chancellor Dr. Iqrar Ahmad, who chaired the

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Speakers stress modernising flood forecasting system

STAFF REPORT LHR: Flood had been the major problem in Pakistan from disaster perspective and that the country had witnessed significant floods consecutively in the last four years which needed an urgent attention and focus to upgrade the flood forecasting and early warning system timely and accurately.

UNESCO in close cooperation with the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) launched the seminar on Reliable Flood Forecasting in Lahore.

Purpose of the seminar was to bring

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Speakers stress laws for environment protection

STAFF REPORT KHI: The government, corporate sector and the people have come together in a new initiative to ensure environment protection and curb the menace of pollution collectively for a healthy and clean Pakistan.

Representatives of various govt department, NGOs and local as well as foreign agencies spoke at the 10th Annual Environment Excellence Awards 2013 held recently in Karachi. On the occasion, they urged policymakers, all stakeholders and donors related to environment

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Conference stress execution of S and T policy

STAFF REPORT IBD – The two-day National Conference on "Technology Foresight and Critical Issues" has recently been held at the NUST marking the launch of Technology Foresight (TF). Purpose of the event was to assist the government in developing policy for science and technology (SandT) and to address wider concerns that involve economic and social aspirations. In the first session of the conference, Dr. I. E. Qureshi, Executive Director COMSATS, made a keynote presentation on the &quot

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Speakers stress roadmap for vehicular fuel quality

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is the most urbanized country of South Asia with an urbanization rate of 33.5 per cent where the consumption of petroleum products is regularly on the rise at a rate of 6 per cent about half of which is consumed by the transport sector. The poor quality of vehicular fuels is a major cause of air pollution in the country that needs to overcome with an effective mechanism.These views were expressed by speakers at a recently organized workshop to deliberate on a roadmap

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