Hybrid cars promotion stressed through low prices

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam) has asked the government to take action against auto dealers mafia for their illegal activities, causing damage to the local auto industry by illegally importing used cars and hoodwinking innocent customers by selling them old vehicles at exorbitant rates, says a statement issued here by the association.

"Despite government’s budgetary measures to bring down the prices of used

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Water provision stressed to start new power projects

STAFF REPORT LHR: Power sector experts have urged the planners to keep the availability of water in mind while planning new power projects since almost all of Pakistan’s energy systems are linked with water system.

While talking to media, they warned that water scarcity could badly impact the long-term viability of energy projects, which could slow down economic uplift.

To mitigate the risks of the challenge, the World Bank has launched Thirsty Energy to help countries prepare for

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Need stressed to address climate change impacts

STAFF REPORT IBD: A recently held conference on Asian Monsoon and Climate Change’ in Islamabad stressed the need for emphasized on pooling up efforts to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change as it has become a matter of immense concern for the entire international community.

In his remarks on the occasion, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid said that Pakistan contributes to only 0.43 per cent of the total annual global greenhouse emissions, ranking 135th

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Enhanced farm yields stressed to h and le food insecurity

STAFF REPORT FSD: Food insecurity is badly affecting 60 per cent of Pakistan’s population, however, the agriculture scientists need to take effective initiatives to ensure increase in per acre yield.

University of Agriculture Vice Chancellor Iqrar Ahmad Khan said this while talking to media.

He urged the agricultural scientists to help increase food production to feed the rapidly growing population. The world’s population would reach nine billion by the year 2050, which would

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Need stressed to devise farmers friendly policies

STAFF REPORT LHR: Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) Chief Sardar Zafar Hussein Khan has stressed the need for devising farmer-friendly policies to not only promote the agriculture but also to keep running wheels of different industries and taking full advantage of GSP plus status.

"Overcoming the energy crisis is essential to keep the industrial wheel moving but at the same time resolving the issues and difficulties faced by the growers were also very much need of the hour," said

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Need stressed for dedicated leadership to promote S and T

STAFF REPORT IBD:The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) is working for a better future of science and technology in the country and to promote science at grass-root levels by organising different activities to create young leaders among scientists for socio-economic development and prosperity.

"It is his firm belief that talent, skills, positivity and honesty of a person make any a good leader as he strives for positive change in his surroundings," said PSF Chairman Dr Khalil

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Renewable energy projects insurance stressed

STAFF REPORT KHI: Managements of various renewable energy projects have been urged to involve insurance professionals at an early stage of the due diligence process in order to avoid unforeseen losses at a later phase.

This advice was given by speakers at a held one-day seminar on "Renewable Energy: Risk Management and Insurance Solutions" recently organised by the Karachi Insurance Institute, the speakers highlighted key challenges associated with managing risks in the

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Strengthening of students career counseling system stressed

STAFF REPORT IBD: There is an urgent need to strengthen students’ career counseling system in educational institutions and encourage them the courage to ask questions about different curiosities they confront with.

Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) Secretary General Dr. Anwar Nasim said that while addressing a large gathering of scientists, students and teachers at the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in connection with a lecture on "Characterization and Synthesis of Piezo-

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Environment laws implementation stressed

STAFF REPORT LHR: Scientists have been warning the authorities for quite some time about the harmful effects of environmental pollution. They say that by 2050 some parts of the world will experience extreme heat, making human survival very difficult.

They warn that the temperature in these areas is likely to increase further unless some remedial measures are immediately enforced.

The developed world has already woken up to the challenges and has a set of laws to combat pollution. In

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Local production of sun-flower, soyabean, corn stressed

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is self-sufficient in food, cotton and sugar, however, even then we have to spend precious foreign exchange of billions of rupees on the import of edible oil."We should evolve modern varieties of edible seeds of sun-flower, corn, soyabean, Jojoba, rapeseed and Cassamba to save Rs 200 billion precious foreign exchange,’ said Federal Minister for Food Security and Research Alhaj Sikandar Hayat Bosan while talking to media here.He said that research-based technical

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Behria varsity quality education stressed

STAFF REPORT IBD: The 27th scheduled meeting of the Board of Governors of Bahria University has recently in the conference room of the Bahria University Headquarters Islamabad.The meeting was chaired by Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandhila NI (M), Chief of Naval Staff/ Pro-Chancellor and Chairman Board of Governors Bahria University and attended by the board members, with a heavy agenda.On the occasion, a detailed briefing was given about the spate of progress on various ongoing projects, with special

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Promoting fisheries in KPK stressed

STAFF REPORT PSR: The consultant of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), Omar Hayat, has called for initiating concrete steps for the development of fisheries and agriculture sectors in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province."Fisheries and production of off-seasonal vegetables are the potential sectors of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and capable of generating employment and guaranteeing of food security of the people," said Omar while talking to media here.He said that under the

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More focus on soil, water management stressed

STAFF REPORT IBD: Speakers at a training workshop on Soil and Water Management Techniques for Semi Arid Regions’ held in the PMAS-AAUR, strongly recommended capacity building of local farmers in terms of soil and water management and introduce them new water harvesting techniques to effectively save the surplus water and later use for agriculture purpose.On the occasion, Chairman PSF, Dr. Manzoor Hussain Somroo, stressed that there is a need of capacity-building programmes to promote water

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Need stressed for conserving trees

STAFF REPORT KHI: The Federal Urdu University has recently conducted a two-day conference on Climate Change and Bio Resources of Pakistan with the main aim to check the status of climate change and its effects on the bio resources of the country.The conference was the result of joint collaborators of GeoLink Pvt. Ltd., Karachi University, PMNH (Pakistan Museum of Natural History), Islamabad, EMPOWER, and SCCDA (Sindh Coastal Community Development Authority).Prof. Dr. Moinuddin Ahmed, the Chief

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Innovative tech for alternative energy stressed

STAFF REPORT IBD: Public and private universities in Pakistan are working on promoting solar energy and biogas. However, it is not part of their duty to promote these being educational institutions and academia, but to research and find ways to spread its user in easier methods.According to experts, conducting workshops, conferences and seminars on the alternative energy use is essential to explore and discuss means viable to make the necessary shift that will also be protective of the

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Need stressed for accredited labs for Halal products

STAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab Halal Development Authority (PHDA) Chairman former Justice Khalil ur Rehman has stressed the need for establishing accredited laboratories’ for Halal products especially meat to maximise exports from Punjab.He said that the government is interested in establishing a hub of meat exports in the province and the PHDA is conducting training programmes on producing, packing, exporting with Halal standards with the help of other countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and

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Addressing small ruminantes problems stressed

STAFF REPORT LHR: There is a desperate need to resolve the problems of small ruminants which are being facing in the areas of breeding, health, feeding, management and marketing.These remarks were expressed by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha at a meeting with a delegation of International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) led by Mission Leader Maleha Hussain.On the occasion, they discussed the application of modern farming practices

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