SciCom: successful communication, improved science

STAFF REPORT ISB: "Science communication is proportional to socio-economic development and is an exponential variable to delineate brainteasers of nature", said by Prof Dr Habib Ahmad (TI), Vice Chancellor Hazara University while addressing the SciCom (Science Communication) workshop jointly organized by Centre for Human Genetics Hazara University Mansehra and Weekly Technology Times supported by Pakistan Science Foundation.

The worthy Vice Chancellor inaugurated the session and

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How to be a successful Bioinformatician

Biological Sciences are divided into a number of disciplines in order to understand biological phenomena well and easy. Most of these disciplines are dependent on each other and thus one needs to have knowledge of multiple disciplines in order to understand it. Let’s have an example of Biochemistry; to be a Biochemist you must have knowledge about both Biology and Chemistry. So we can call such kind of multidisciplinary as Network based disciplines because they form a kind of network

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CIITs world conference on IT highly successful

STAFF REPORT ISB: The recently held three-day international conference on Frontiers of Information Technology’ (FIT-2015) has generated tremendous interest in the IT community, providing an opportunity to researchers from around the world to share the latest breakthroughs in the field.

The hallmark of the conference, organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), was the Best IT Innovation Award (BITA)’ with prize money of one million rupees for the best

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Combination of hard work and patience craft a successful cyber entrepreneur: Syed Faizan Ali.

Syed Faizan Ali is a 19 year old Karachi based cyber entrepreneur who runs MBL and Templateism blogs, two well established Blogger resources on the web. MBL was Faizan’s maiden blog where he started writing about Blogger, the Google’s blogging tool. Later on, he started Templateism where several high quality Blogger templates can be found. He earns big from both blogs. He shared his opinion and experiences with Technology Times in a recent interview.

Q 1: Tell us briefly

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WWF conducts successful cleanup operation at Kaio

STAFF REPORT KHI: WWF-Pakistan and Engro Vopak Terminal Limited have successfully carried out a major underwater cleanup operation at Kaio Island near Karachi.

According to WWF-Pakistan, there is a global concern that coastal habitat including underwater habitats along the islands are seriously being affected by solid wastes originating from land based activities which includes accidental spillage of solid material in the sea.

Derelict fishing nets are another serious threat to

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