Kwick innovation supports massive biometrics programs

STAFF REPORT ISB: Some of the most ambitious biometric regulations in the world are taking place in Pakistan, where the government has determined the best way to deal with high-stakes national issues like fraud and terrorism is through the use of identification authentication technology.

In Pakistan all new SIM cards must be registered to an individual whose identity is confirmed with a database of citizens managed by the NADRA. The regulation has been put into practice gradually

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Warid supports the LUMS Gaming Association

Staff Report ISD: The three day Intra-LUMS Gaming Tournament was held last weekend which was supported by leading network operator Warid Telecom. The objective of the tournament was to promote e-sports by offering a platform to semi professional gamers to compete at a bigger level. The games category included strategy to action and participants were free to compete in the game that best matched their skill set and expertise.

Warid has supported various sports activities at LUMS over past

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TRTA II programme supports PT Scheme in Pakistan

STAFF REPORT IBD: Chairperson Pakistan Council for Science and Technology Dr. Muddassar Israr has said that the establishment of a National Proficiency Testing Provider will facilitate numerous accredited testing laboratories nationwide to address requirements for international recognition for their testing service."After the establishment of proficiency testing scheme the cost will not only be reduced, but also such a scheme, once accredited, may be offered to other laboratories overseas

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Zong supports charity concert

Via According to several online news sources, Zong recently sponsored a charitable concert organized by the Arthritis Care Foundation (ACF) in collaboration with the Learning Alliance Community Services (LACS). The aim of the concert was to raise funds for those people who are affected by rheumatic problems and do not have sufficient money to get medical care and treatment. As part of their CSR policies, Zong partnered with the institutions, collected funds for free medical

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