Modern research culture must to achieve sustained development

Report By: Furqan Hyder Shaikh

No one can deny that nations develop by hard work and sustained research for inviting unique development in their countries. However, a good research is one that has some utility to the development of society and its environment. There is a dire need to promote the research culture in Pakistan so that it could get at par with the developed world.

These views were expressed at a one-day consultative workshop on "Policies for Creating Enabling

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Sustained, resilient world needed in climate change scenario

SIDRA SAIF ISB: Prof. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Vice-Chairman of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has said that climate change affects livelihood, water resources, food security besides causing poverty, migration and coastal flooding.

"Change in climate can be observed through the warming of hot days and heat waves, and intensity of the precipitation. A small amount of warming is observed, however, its impacts are immense, which shows that if warming increases,

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Sustained demand boosts cotton rates

STAFF REPORT ISB: Sustained demand for quality lint has boosted the rates on the cotton market in the process of modest trading.

In the ready session, over 4,000 bales of cotton changed hands between Rs 4625 and Rs 5275, dealers said. The prices of seed cotton in Sindh were at Rs 1900 and Rs 2350 and in Punjab rates were at Rs 2000 and Rs 2650, they said.

Market sources said that thin business activity was seen as mills and spinners kept on the sideline owing to tight supply of best

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Telecom sector gaining pace with sustained growth

STAFF REPORT ISB: The telecom sector, which is considered as tool for advancement, has now revolutionized the way people connect and interact as a visible change in ICT sector is picking up pace with each passing year.

It is the sector that has reduced distances, transcended borders and brought people together in way never seen in the entire human history.

Like previous few years, the telecom sector in Pakistan also grew stronger in year 2012-13 with major indicators showed

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Crop residue management, a step for sustained farming

AGRICULTURE IS the mainstay of economic backbone in Pakistan. This sector contributes by 21 per cent to gross domestic product (GDP). However, in the recent past, the agricultural productivity has been endangered by many of the challenges that were never foreseen earlier. Rice and wheat crops are grown in sequence, and also with other crops throughout the country. These crops are of significance due to the food security as well a commodity for foreign exchange earnings. The rice-wheat

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Innovation system a driving force behind sustained national growth

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is highly vulnerable to extremWith eyeing rapid national development in the present information age and globally competing knowledge-driven economies, speakers at the recently concluded COMSATS three-day regional consultative workshop stressed for having an integrated mechanism of national innovation system and intellectual property for rapid and diverse progress.

They further said that the process of research, technology and innovation needs to be

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Pakistan needs radical measures for sustained potable water availability

Sidra SaifISLAMABAD: While hurling a serious caution about the fast evaporation of potable water in South Asia particularly Pakistan, which is negatively impacting the social life patterns, a national consultative workshop stressed on revision of the institutional architecture of the water sector. They also warned that after 20 years Pakistan would be in tougher circumstances if solid steps are not taken to secure its water sources and overcome this crisis, the institutions must have the

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