Applications and advantages of synthetic seed in agriculture

ARTIFICIAL SEED is an encapsulation of somatic embryo, shoot buds or aggregates of a cell or any tissues which have the ability to form a plant in in-vitro or ex vivo condition. Artificial seed is a promising technique for the propagation of transgenic plants, polyploids with elite traits non-seed producing plants and plant lines that has a problem in seed propagation. Artificial seed is clonal technique and it cuts short the laborious procedure of conventional recombination breeding and

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A synthetic way of producing oxygen in outer space

The recent advancement in the field of technology has paved the foundation for infusing life into non-living things. Julian Melchiorri, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, claims to have developed a silk leaf that could create oxygen for space travel as well as making life easier on Earth. The leaf was able to develop a silk leaf which can produce oxygen gas in conjunction with a silk lab from Tufts University.

Feed it enough water and light, and the synthetic leaf mimics any

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Synthetic biology: A dream of today is future of tomorrow

SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY also known as SynBio, is synthetic genomics or system biology. In earlier days the branches of sciences such as chemistry, biology, physics, etc, performed their work independently. Recently scientists have focused to emerge all sciences together in a multidisciplinary way for the betterment of mankind. One of the approaches to enhance the performance of scientific research is the development of a platform known as synthetic biology. To be more specific to the terminology, the

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