Need stressed to slap tax on farm incomes

STAFF REPORT IBD: The provincial government are now look convinced tax the agriculture incomes across the board, however, efforts in this regard still considered half hearted as no tangible progress has so far been made in this regard.According to a report, there are two taxes that apply to landholders – one is land tax and the other is agriculture income tax (AIT).As per land tax slabs levied on the cultivated land, total land revenue should have been Rs 223.2 million last year while the

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Cell phone operators slam device & SIM sales tax

STAFF REPORT ISB: Three of Pakistan’s operators have targeted the government’s proposed sales tax on mobile handsets and SIM cards.

Mobilink, Telenor and Warid have termed the FBR’s device tax "irrational, illogical, arbitrary and incoherent". They note that it not only goes against the country’s constitution, but would also be highly difficult to implement.

Pakistan already taxes the import and supply of mobile handsets, but avoidance of this duty is common

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IT products smuggling damaging fair competition, causes tax losses

STAFF REPORT ISB: Smuggling of IT products and irrational taxes on them are hurting the competition in local market thus resulting in multibillion rupees losses to the national exchequer.

IT traders said the Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) has floated a number of proposals to the government for stopping smuggling of IT products and rationalisation of duties.

According to the, if implemented, the recommendations will document the sector, stop smuggling, provide a level-playing

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Provinces tax collection on telecom sector irks minister

STAFF REPORT ISB: State Minister for IT Anusha Rehman has expressed annoyance over the provinces’ interference regarding collection of taxes on telecom sector.

She raised the issue at the Senate’s Standing Committee on ITandT which recently met here with Shahi Syed in the chair.

Expressing its concerns over the taxation measures, the committee also decided for legal interpretation in this regard and also sought legal help to resolve the issue.

Anusha said that collection of taxes

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Internet services from sales tax in Punjab

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab government has excluded the internet services used by the public, educational institutions, corporate sector and the software exporting firms from the sales tax.

According to a notification issued here, the Finance Department making amendments in the Punjab Sales Tax on Service Act 2012, exempted the internet services whether dialup or broadband including email, data communication network services (DCNS) and value added data services from the sales tax

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