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Pakistan society of sugar technologists collaborates with Shell for its 51st convention

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 PR: The Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists (PSST) in partnership with Shell Pakistan conducts its 51st annual convention on 18-19th September at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi. Sugar is one of Pakistan’s most valuable exports and has been a significant contributor to Pakistan’s GDP in recent years. Every year, PSST brings together key stakeholders of […]…Read More

Need to produce technologists

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YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT in Pakistan is reaching epidemic proportions. Some estimates put it as high as 35 per cent, however, the real number may well be higher. This is not a simple problem that can be fixed by making a policy here or there. It requires a coordinated approach. This includes education and training, managing and modifying social norms and expectations, and adjustments in industrial and trade policies. In the absence of these reforms, the blue-collar class would be having a darker…Read More