Belarus Chargé Affaires calls on Ministry of Science and Technologys officials

ISLAMABAD: The Chargé dand#39;Affaires of the Republic of Belarus to the Islamic Republic of

Pakistan met with the Head of International Relations Department of the Ministry of Science and

Technology of Pakistan.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the development of cooperation between Belarus

and Pakistan in the spheres of science and technology, considered the issues regarding holding

the second session of the Joint Belarusian

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Virtual reality technologys significance

The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is an open-standard programming language created to design three-dimensional (3-D) and web-based models, textures and illusion. VRML is used to illustrate 3-D objects, buildings, landscapes or other items requiring 3-D structure and is very similar to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). VRML also uses textual representation to define 3-D illusion presentation methods. VRML is also known as Virtual Reality Markup Language. This is a popular open

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Technologys "lobby" hobby

TECHNOLOGY IS jolting the world’s norms again. Businesses are changing as per the paradigm shift due to technological influences in each and every field of life. So does the human behaviour in contingencies is moderated due to technology with the premises of different entities.Technology is shifting the focus from economy to human rights. More and more bloggers are using modern technology for raising awareness thus provoking a leader termed as Online Leader. We are facing a future which may

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