Rural telephony project in Sawat, Shangla and Buner in KPK Districts approved

Universal Service Fund Company’s (USFCo) 36thBoard of Directors Meeting was arranged in the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, Islamabad.The Chairperson Board of directors USFCo, and the Minister of State for IT and Telecom; Mrs. Anusha Rahman chaired the 36thBoard of Directors meeting in which an overview of the main efforts and development of telecommunication services in un-served and under-served areas throughout the length and breadth of the country by USF were taken in to

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4,000 villages ensured basic telephony, data services

STAFF REPORT ISB: Universal Service Fund (USF), under its Rural Telecom Programme, has so far provided basic telephony and data services in almost 4,000 villages which also included areas where people had to walk kilometers to make even a single phone call.
Under the programme, launched to facilitate the far-flung areas, the Fund had signed contracts with 6,410 mauzas, of which 3,967 contracts have been completed and 3,940 of them audited.
"In telecenters domain, work on 51

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PTA, FIA start operations to control grey telephony

STAFF REPORT KHI: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has equipped itself with a more efficient system in order to identify international calls illegally terminated by the country’s gateway exchanges.

A recent raid on the office of Wisecom, one of Pakistan’s 14 long distance international (LDI) operators based in Islamabad, demonstrates that the newly acquired technology has already started to pay off.

It is to be mentioned here that PTA and Federal Investigation

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Grey telephony: PTA saves millions of dollars revenue during Eid days

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has successfully blocked hundreds of servers and gateways of international carriers involved in sending illegal or grey telephony calls to grey operators in Pakistan during Eid days.

"The action has saved the government from suffering a multi-million dollar loss by detecting grey telephony during the Eid days," said an official of the telecom authority.

He said this was done despite lack of resources and some

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PTA out to control grey telephony

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has taken a number of measures to control grey traffic and a total of 88 joint raids with the FIA have been carried so far across the country since 2009.

Through these raids, 78 persons including six foreigners were apprehended besides confiscation of a total of 591, illegal gateway equipment, says a press release issued by the authority.

In general grey traffic can be defined as the use of illegal gateway exchanges to

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NA body approves bill to control grey telephony

STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Assembly Standing Committee has recently approved the bill about grey trafficking on information technology that is expected to control the grey trafficking that causes the national exchequer billions of rupees annually. The bill will be made into the law during the next session on the issue. Due to the absence of senior officials who are responsible to take over these matters, the bill got delayed for passage into law.The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2010

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PTA out to eliminate grey telephony

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is presently busing acquiring a modern system to curb grey telephony – illegal telephone call system – which is causing billions of rupees losses to the national exchequer.At present the grey telephony is incurring $900 million annually to the government, said PTA Chairman Farooq Awan in front of the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications.He said that the current system was installed three years

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USF signs agreement for telephony services in Mastung

STAFF REPORT IBD: An agreement involving Rs. 3.15 billion has been signed for one of the USF projects related to Rural Telecom Services, Mastung Lot (Balochistan).According to the agreement, USF has recently awarded projects for providing basic telephony and data services in Mastung Lot (Balochistan) and broadband services in Southern Telecom Region-V (Sindh), says a press release issued here last week.It said that through the Rural Telecom Project in Mastung, basic telephony and data services

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