Paladion predicts top ten cyber security trends

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Paladion Networks has highlighted the top 10 cyber security trends that will impact global digital security in 2015 and beyond. These trends can have a long-term impact on the enterprises in Middle East.

"After rigorous analysing the ever-increasing data flow regionally and globally, we have identified the top 10 cyber security trends that the enterprises in the Middle East needs to be cautious and should not ignore them in their strategic planning

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HEC role in ten years remarkable on higher edu

STAFF REPORT IBD: As many as six universities in Pakistan are amongst the Asia’s top 300 universities and two of them make into the list of the world’s top 300 sciences and technology institutions."Under the supervision of HEC, 41 universities were established in Pakistan during the last ten years. Amongst the already existing 168 campuses of Pakistani universities, the number has been increased to 258 campuses during this ten-year period," HEC Executive Director Prof. Dr. Sohail H

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