Mobilink biggest loser in terms of SIMs that have been blocked!

Staff Report ISD: Mobilink has emerged as the first teleco with the maximum number of SIMs re-verified. It is important to mention that Mobilink is the biggest loser in terms of SIMs that has been blocked, approximately more than 11 Million SIMs have been blocked.

Cellular companies have gotten 74,636,172 SIMs re-verified on 58,240,851 CNIC’s till 26th March 2015. Mobilink is right now on the top with number of 21,910,704 SIMs verified against 17,904,740 CNICs. Telenor is second in

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SBP terms CLCV major threat to cotton crop

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Studies on Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton have acknowledged that farmers in Pakistan are not making the most of Bt cotton because the Bt varieties were developed by various private sector plant breeders by transferring Bt trait to locally developed cotton varieties and these varieties are distributed without a formal regulatory framework which raises several concerns about the seed quality.According to the State Bank of Pakistan’s recent report unavailability of

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CCP terms ICH, price fixation quota allocation illegal

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has asked the IT Ministry and PTA to withdrawal the directive issued by the ministry proposing establishment of international clearing house exchange for international incoming calls for long distance international, fixed-line local loops, wireless local loops and mobile operators (proposed ICH arrangement).In its policy note, the CCP has also advised the ministry and PTA that any such proposed arrangement if entered into, is not

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