The disconnect in Pakistans trade and GDP growth

Contra¬ry to region¬al trends, there is parado¬x underl¬ying Pakist¬an’s growth trajec-tory. In Pakistan, trade grew 1.2% lower than our GDP, while on a global basis, trade has grown 1.8% ahead of global GDP growth on average.In the recently-concluded American Business Council Economic Summit, titled Beyond Borders: Trade Treaties and their Implication’, I presented the hypothesis that "in all successful economies, GDP growth has a direct correlation with trade growth&quot

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The real treasure is the potable water

Water is an essential component for the existence and survival of life on earth. Water might be everywhere but one must never take it for granted. At home, we rarely give it a thought. Usually, we are right. Why should we care for the reasons of death while illuminating candles for dead infants? Why should anyone care if some industry is releasing toxic effluents? Our ground water sources are always under siege from human activities. Solutions will not be possible if we don’t know what

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THE HSE: Formulation of Fire Safety Codes, NDMA, PEC join hands

STAFF REPORT ISB: The Pakistan Engineering Council has held hands with the disaster management authority to take a shot at change and prerequisite of Fire and Safety Codes at the chamber. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was surfaced between the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The MoU grants PEC to wear down reforms of Fire and Safety Codes in the examination with all material National and Provincial authorities and accomplices and

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The future of online business is illustrious and trillions of opportunities for fledglings are present in Pakistan: Rafah Mugheer Shah

Rafah Mugheer Shah is a professional Software Engineer who relishes in exploring new horizons to grip the entrepreneurial opportunities. Under his belt, has been created which is an online radio station promoting awareness and entertainment towards masses. Rafah is also owner of Zainab IT House that provides online web solutions for the past 10 years including web development, networking and software and app development. Rafah conversed with Technology Times team for an

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Cyber boom is the best thing over the years in Pakistan: Fida Hussain

Fida Hussain is an avid enthusiast and a rising cyber entrepreneur. He is an advocate by profession but also entails rich experience of cyber marketing who decided to start his own venture with the name Bizcity Casters’ in 2008 that is the lead email marketing co of the country. Fida was the man behind the success of the venture and under his dynamic leadership the Bizcity went on to be a big database of over 500,000 corporate data. Fida shared his thoughts with Technology Times in a

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Bigger is better: The developing pattern of large screen

IN JANUARY 2014, phablets accounted for only 6 percent of used devices globally. However, by the end of that same year, phablet shipments in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region hit 12.6 million a year on year growth of 225 per cent.

Phablets continue to grow at a staggering pace for 2015, holding 22 percent of smartphone share in the region- a phenomenal rate. So why has this demand taken off and who is driving it?

In a country like Pakistan where consumers are keen to have

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Dr I.H. Usmani: The common heritage of all humanity

IT WAS 1953 when Ayub Khan (ex-President of Pakistan) sent for Dr I. H. Usmani and said to him, "I understand that you are a Ph.D. in atomic physics", Dr Usmani said, "So I am". Then Ayub Khan advised Dr Usmani to go to United States and to deliberate about atomic energy for the attainment of wherewithal of atomic reactor for peaceful purposes. Ayub Khan was a doughty and gutty personality who hankered to see his homeland, a leader, in the running atomic warfare. At that

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The battle for the next generation Big Data Analysis Framework

BIG DATA Cloud Servers with all the hype and promised potential around Big Data for more than a decade, Big Analysis is transforming Big Data into reality since our ability to make sense of data has grown exponentially and is still significantly improving. Big Analysis is leveraging all sorts of data about pretty much everyone by using demographic data, social media habits, purchasing power, job experience, search history, preferences and much more. Companies that want to remain

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The growing trend for the big screen in your pocket

IN JANUARY 2014, phablets accounted for only 6 percent of used devices globally. However, by the end of that same year, phablet shipments in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region hit 12.6 million- a year on year growth of 225 per cent

Phablets continue to grow at a staggering pace for 2015, holding 22 per cent of smartphone share in the region- a phenomenal rate. So why has this demand taken off and who is driving it? In a country like Pakistan where consumers are keen to have

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The causes of food insecurity and preventive measures

IN 1983, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) defines food security in a way that," Food security is assurance that at all times all people have both economic and physical access to basic food which they need".

In 1986, the World Bank redefined food security like this, "At all times, all people have access to enough food for their healthy and active life". Thus food insecurity exists when all people don’t have economic and physical

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The need of improvement in Higher Education of Pakistan

THE EDUCATION sector of Pakistan needs a long overhaul in order to get the sustainable result that is in accord with the future challenges. The incumbent government of Pakistan is focusing to make country a hub of knowledge based economy’ by surfacing several initiatives aiming at reforming and restructuring the education system.

The industry-academia linkage is highly important for RandD initiatives and curriculum designing of the universities. The curriculum currently being

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The major sources of copious air pollution challenge

HUMAN INTERVENTION in nature has resulted in toppling of natural equilibrium in many ways. The deforestation, climate change phenomenon, water and air pollution, depletion of ozone layer, increased catastrophic events occurring at uncertain time are few of the hostile realities that are continuously hovering over the head of mankind these days.

The air pollution is one of the noxious kinds of pollution that have number of adverse implications. It is mainly the fusion of solid

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The inauguration of 2nd phase of 1320 MW Sahiwal Coal Power Project takes place

STAFF REPORT SAHIWAL: Pakistan massive 3.3 billion tonnes of coal deposits are still not utilized up to the potential and only 3.4 million tonnes per year are used for energy production. The Sahiwal Coal Power Project by Government of Punjab is the continuity of enhancing coal power production in the country in order to reduce the energy crisis in Pakistan. The second phase of the Sahiwal Power Project 1320MW inauguration took place.

The Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated

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The organic agriculture and its merits

ORGANIC AGRICULTURE is a type of agriculture which focuses on producing long-term crops while having minimal effects on the environment or ecosystem. It is an agronomic practice that includes the production of crops, plants, and fibers utilizing farming techniques. It is a type of agriculture which tries to find a good balance between the need for food production and the preservation of the ecological system within the environment.

The organic agriculture helps to produce healthy

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The processed un-ripened cheese can account for value addition in goat milk

DAIRY PRODUCTS are very nutritious, healthy and useful for mankind. Cheese is one of the most common dairy products produced throughout the world. It is a traditional food with prehistoric origins. Cheese, like dairy products is made from pressed milk curds. Different varieties of cheese are made from un-ripened (fresh) cheese or ripened (aged) cheese. Cheese is a delicious and nutritious food has a very versatile use. We can use it into other dishes or eat it by itself. Cheese is very

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The growing potentials of cyber presence on business

THE POTENTIAL of cyber presence adheres to any form of business; as it can raise sometimes dizzying list of questions for an entrepreneur. Exactly what must be put in place to make it happen? How does an online presence change the market for the business? What are competitors doing? How will people shop? What kind of security is required? How will customers pay online? We put together this guide, a primer of sorts, to help answer those questions.

Why Go Online?

The most stunning

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