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Nanotechnology – the next big thing – in agriculture!

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article image For developing countries like Pakistan, agriculture sector is backbone of their economy. But today this sector faces multiple and diverse challenges in producing more food, fibre changing climate and urbanization. Other major issues also include the sustainable use of natural resources, depleting nutrients in soil and environmental issues like runoff and accumulation of fertilizers and pesticides. These problems will further get intensified when we would have to feed over 9 billion…Read More

Sensor tech the next big thing: Brobst

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article image Stephen Brobst, a leading data warehousing expert, is associated with Teradata Corporation as Chief Technology Officer since 1999. He also has the privilege to start three branded companies related to data warehousing. He is recipient of the year award in the MET Computer Science Department at Boston University. He has the honour to have worked as a member of US President Barack Obama’s Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee. During his recent interview with the Technology Times…Read More

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