Environmental Science vs Three Idiots

Thousands of years ago, there were three friends named Physics, Chemistry and Biology who were sitting under the Neem Tree of Thar. All three were silent and were deep-thinking about something. Physics used to look up to the tree and was very interested in investigating the nature and its interaction with matter and energy. Chemistry would look down in to the earth and was very fond of analyzing the chemicals present in the natural earth. Biology often looked straight and was crazy for

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Warid Telecom And Ericsson Extend Managed Services Agreement For Three Years

STAFF REPORT ISD: Warid Telecom and Ericsson signed three year managed services agreement in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. As a result, Warid Telecom will have access to number of additional benefits, including enhanced network performance, an optimised seamless user experience, field service efficiency, as well as first line and second line support.

Adeel Bajwa, Chairman Board Executive Committee, Warid Telecom stated on this occasion that we have strong corporate

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NUST conducts three-day emergency training for students

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan lags behind in the provision of emergency training, which is a prerequisite to handling any disaster and coping up with any crisis situation.
It was the crux of the three-day training workshop organised by NUST Bio Reach Society in collaboration with LUMS EMS (Emergency Medical Services) held recently.
The trainers informed the participants that emergency education was the part of curriculum across the world. In a third world country like Pakistan where the

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