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E-commerce thriving in Pakistan despite barriers

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: With more than 2,000 shopping portals, the country’s e-shopping space is expanding quickly despite multiple barriers to entry, NetSol Technologies Founder and CEO Salim Ghauri said on the launch of its e-commerce portal Turbooz.com. A new initiative, Turbooz.com is a portal designed to provide designers, artisans and entrepreneurs a platform to promote and sell online both locally and internationally. "We want to enable and empower the incredible…Read More

Pakistans thriving technology sector is full of potential, needs to be tapped

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: With a large youth population in Pakistan, innovation and entrepreneurship have emerged as viable means of dealing with the problems like political instability and week law and order. However, a field does not have to be completely novel itself for innovation to take place. By that same token, an idea can be born and take root anywhere and at any time and the country is filled with this spirit. Close observation shows that the country has emerged as a thriving…Read More