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Carmudi gives tips to sell cars online

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: Carmudi, one of the fastest ways to sell your car online, offers expert advice on how to sell your car online.The company gives you some tips: The car owner needs to know the nuts and bolts of the car market to make a quick sale. With the right amount of knowledge, you can sell your car at a much better price. Before setting the price, the owner should consider the manufacturer, model, mileage, interior and exterior condition of your car. Check the depreciation value or…Read More

1m farmers to get tips by phone

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article image STAFF REPORT FBD: The Punjab government has planned to teach farmers how to use modern production methods by sending them information on their mobile phones.Agriculture Department officials said that by coming March the government would register one million farmers in the programme. The farmers will be trained to use modern technology to increase production, they said adding moreover, farmers will also be able to ask for solutions to specific problems by sending questions via their mobile phones…Read More

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4 time-tested health tips for productive bloggers

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AS BLOGGERS, we often visit different health blogs and read several tips here and there. But are they all effective enough? The answer is certainly, no. So which ones to go for? Simple! Go for the ones that work for you.Seeking expert advice like that of Medifast and Nustrisystem is highly recommendable.So, coming to the point, here I list top tips on how you can boost your fitness with no or little extra efforts, as I very well understand how easily the rankings of your blog can fall, if proper…Read More