FAMACHA System as a tool of targeted selective treatment

Dairy sheep and goats play an important role in building economy and providing livelihood in many parts of the world but at the same time they are affected by many diseases particularly parasitic problem. Among parasitic diseases, Haemonchus, Oesophagostomum, Trichostrongylus and Telodorsagia are the main genera of gastrointestinal nematodes that are important for small ruminants andHaemonchus (H.) contortus is the most dangerous because of its economic significance. Usually the infection

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Nanoscience: a gadgetry and miniature tool

Nanoparticles or Nanoscale materials more or less are all around us in smoke from fire, volcanic ash, sea spray as well as products resulting from burning or combustion process. It requires the skill to manipulate and manage these materials in a beneficial way.

Nanotechnology can be termed as the synthesis, characterization, investigation and application of nanosized (1-100nm) materials for the evolution of science. An essential area of research in nanoscience and nanotechnology deals

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Science diplomacy best tool to promote scientific solutions

STAFF REPORT ISB: COMSATS has urged the government and other relevant national institutions to take necessary measures in support of Science Diplomacy as it would pave the way for achieving the set goals in the field of science and technology.

This was the crux of a lecture delivered by Executive Director COMSATS, Dr. Imtinan Elahi Qureshi, under the COMSATS’ Science Diplomacy Programme launched last year in Islamabad.

The lecture was delivered in a select gathering of scholars

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Market analysis major tool to stay on winning stand in business: Zia

Zia Ghafoor is currently working as CEO of MONT5: His Company has a potential share in offering services in cyber entrepreneurship. He believes feeling costomers’ pulse is key to success in the current market where cut-throat competition is the only option of survival as well as growth. During his detailed interview with the Technology Times, he explained how a cyber company can expand its customer base and deliver in a perfect manner

Brief us about yourself, professional

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Zameen.com introduces another first with Property Search Trends tool

PRESS RELEASE: Zameen.com, Pakistan’s top property portal, has introduced the Property Search Trends tool on its website, adding another feature to the long list of its ground-breaking innovations in Pakistan’s online real estate market.

Property Search Trends is a tool that helps the website’s users explores the real estate search trends prevalent in the market. The tool has the potential to revolutionize a user’s market insight by offering direct, real-time information about

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Biofortification-a tool to eliminate malnutrition

FORTIFICATION is not a new term for most of the people but bio-fortification is new strands in this emerging world of hungry people that are dying with unavailability of nutrient enrich foods in their diet. Malnutrition is a global health problem especially in African and South East Asian countries.

According to FAO more than 925 million people are living under nutrition in world. This include major portion of children and women. It is estimated that 0.6 and 0.08 million people were

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Crops Rotation – a tool for maintaining soil fertility

It is observed that during the last decade there is decline in yield in mono-cropping system where same crops are grown on same land in repeated cycles. Mono-cropping system causes weeds and diseases problem in crops because every year or every season, same crops left behind the weed seeds as well as disease causing organism in same land. Mono-cropping system exhausted the nutrients from soil which are essential for plants/crops growth.

There is a well-known strategy against mono-cropping

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Crop modeling and simulation: A tool for sustaining food security

Food security is a burning issue these days across the world and especially in developing countries including Pakistan where more than 70 per cent population is directly or indirectly engaged with agriculture sector. Among all agricultural products wheat is the most preferring commodity as it is staple food around almost whole parts of the country so it is an important factor in determination of food security. Wheat yield in Pakistan has experienced extreme fluctuations due to the

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