Cell phone users reach 124.24m: Mobilink tops with 35.67m

STAFF REPORT ISB: Mobile phone users in Pakistan crossed the figure of 124.24 million by November this year with Mobilink still leading the operators chart having its total 35.67 million customers.

The company had added 2,42,088 new customers to its credit by the end of October this year, reveals the fresh data.

The five operators, providing mobile phone services in the country, have added a combined user-base of 1.64 million customers during one month.

As per latest

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IT industry tops Pakistan 100 business Index

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan’s IT industry has been showing a tremendous performance in terms of fastest business expansion, revenues growth and employment generation in the short period of time.This is evident as number of companies offering software services and products, computer networking and development solutions are leading the Pakistan 100 business index’.These companies have gained a limelight and secured positions in the recently announced Pakistan100 index’ of AllWorldNetwork for

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Wateen Telecom tops PTAs QoS survey on broadb and

STAFF REPORT IBD: Wateen Telecom has been ranked the number one wireless broadband service provider in Pakistan.In pursuance of the PTA’s role to safeguard of consumer interests and growth of quality broadband services, the regulatory authority carried out the second nationwide Broadband Quality of Service (QoS) Survey of all wireless and wireline service providers throughout the country.Wateen Telecom, with its vision of enabling every man, woman and child in Pakistan through cutting edge

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PTCL tops PTAs broadb and QoS survey

STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTCL is leading all operators in Pakistan by providing to consumers the highest quality Broadband Internet service, reveals PTA’s second nationwide Quality of Service (QoS) 2011 survey results.The PTCL has been placed in category A (more than 95 per cent) at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta, and in category B (more than 80 per cent) at Karachi for the 1Mbps wire-line broadband service.The survey was carried out in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi/

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Pakistan tops Google search for Quran

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan tops the list of countries which searched for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Quran, education and English on Google during 2011.According to a recent report, Pakistan topped the list among all countries in the world to search for the word Muhammad (PBUH)’. Five Pakistani cities also top the first five spots.2. Islam: Pakistan ranked as number three in the world to search the word Islam’ on Google the same year.3. Quran: Pakistan was the number one location to search the

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