WWF-Pakistan held workshop on illegal wildlife trafficking

ISLAMABAD: The World Wide Fund (WWF) Pakistan has organised a consultative workshop

aiming to seek recommendations from relevant stakeholders on the draft National Plan of Action

(NPOA), developed to combat illegal wildlife trade in Pakistan.

The workshop was part of the consultative and training series conducted under the project

Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade by establishing a National Monitoring Network that Benefits

Local Communities and

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1m cell numbers blocked to curb grey trafficking

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in its efforts to eradicate menace of illegal call termination, has identified over one million mobile numbers and subsequently blocked them.PTA regularly identifies mobile SIMs being used in termination of grey traffic in the country. A latest annual report of PTA last week said the Authority remained determined to tackle this issue by introducing a number of important measures over the years.Some of them include Monitoring and

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Rising volume of grey trafficking

Though the government’s formal announcement to auction the 3G-4G spectrum auction this month has rekindled the hope of a sizeable foreign investment in the local telecom sector, which has dried up since long in terms of financial injections, yet the increased volume of grey telephony has emerged as a potential factor which is inflicting heavily on the national kitty. According to the fresh data, the recorded volume of incoming international calls dropped from an astonishing two billion

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Stricter action needed to nip grey trafficking: Anusha

STAFF REPORT IBD: Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rehman has said that thousands of illegal SIMs have been blocked through the SIM detection system and, 390,000 suspected local IP addresses have also been blocked.

She stated this while chairing a follow-up meeting regarding monitoring of grey traffic under ICT arrangements at the Ministry of IT.

Federal Secretary for IT Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar, PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah, telecom member and senior officials of the

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PTA fails to perform on 3G, grey trafficking

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has failed to perform its duty over the 3G auction due to lack of regulatory procedures and the move to hire a foreign consultant to monitor the 3G auction and then to cancel the contract worth Rs 10 million is also not the right step."Pakistan needs better economic policies and yet something that could bring in billions for the country is being constantly delayed due to the incompetence of the officials at PTA," was the

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