Climate change is transforming life on earth

AROUND THE entire globe, temperature is fluctuating, sea levels are rising and season is shifting. Our Planet must still provide us water, air food and safe places to survive. If we don’t take steps now, climate change will promptly alter the waters and land we all depend upon for existence, leaving our offspring and grandchildren with an altered world. Heat-trapping gases released by automobiles, deforestation, power plants, and other sources are warming up and altering the globe.

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Mobile Internet Transforming House-Hunting in Pakistan

How the surging number of smartphone users is changing Pakistan’s real estate sector.

LAHORE, 4 March 2015: Pakistani house-hunters have now embraced mobile Internet over traditional offline methods for finding their ideal home. This can be attributed to the growing number of 3G and 4G users across the country.

Pakistan currently boasts 30 million internet users, 15 million smartphone users and around 12.8 million active, monthly Facebook users, more than half of which are active

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ICT in education: Transforming the learning environment

By Mirza Abdul Aleem Baig"THOSE WHO know cannot be like the ones who do not know. Of course, knowledge and ignorance are like light and darkness which can never be alike." – Holy QuranEducation is the most important aspect that plays a principal role in human development. It endorses a productive and informed citizenry and creates opportunities for the socially and economically deprived segment of society. The development of a nation depends on its system of education, as it develops

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