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New era of translational research the regenerative medicines

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TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH applies findings from basic science to enhance human health and well-being. The efforts and objectives include in the medical research ambiance is to simplify the findings of basic research into medicine and nursing practice and provide consequential health benefits. Nowadays, the most promising field of translational research is regenerative medicines. Regenerative medicines are a multidisciplinary field of research and analytical applications that deal with the…Read More

Translational research and commercialisation of biomedical materials

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article image The Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical Materials (IRCBM) was established at COMSATS IIT, Lahore, in 2008 to make high quality, low cost biomedical materials for orthopaedic, dental, cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgical applications. The dire need for such a research centre was felt with great concern in October 2005 when more than 800,000 people lost their lives and almost doubled the number got in-capacitated due to amputations. The idea to establish IRCBM was put forward…Read More