Planting of over 300,000 Olive Trees underway in Pothohar

ISLAMABAD: Under a five-year plan initiated in 2015, the agriculture department of Punjab

province is providing two million olive saplings free of charge to farmers in the Pothohar region.

The aim of the Olive Valley Project is to develop the region as an olive-growing region and

promote domestic olive oil production.

Pothohar (also often spelled Potohar, Pothwar, Potwar) is a large plateau region in north-eastern

Pakistan covering an area of 8,

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Trees only shield to lessen climate change impacts

STAFF REPORT ISB: Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan has said that boosting tree plantation at all levels is must for protecting humans, animals and plants from delirious impacts of global warming.

"No matter how many trees are planted today will secure future of our existing and future generations from the devastating impacts of climate changing causing carbon emissions, particularly carbon dioxide. Failing to which will only continue to expose humans and

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Planting more trees best solution to climate change

STAFF REPORT ISB: Dr. Qamar-Uz-Zaman, former DG Pakistan Meteorological Department, calls climate change a threat greater than terrorism for its ability to have a widespread effect on a country, even influencing economic policies and other plans for the future.
"Pakistan is an example to demonstrate the effects of climate change. It is still one of eight countries considered most vulnerable to climate change," said Dr. Qamar while talking to members of the Parliamentary Task

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Timber mafia stripping Thandiani, Galiyat of trees

STAFF REPORT ABBOTTABAD: The Forest Department seems helpless as the timber mafia has continued to cut precious and old pine and cedar trees in Thandiani and Galiyat forest ranges.
Officials of the Forest Department lack the will, equipment and resources to check deforestation and they often suffer physical assault by the well-organised local groups of timber mafia who enjoy backing of influential political figures.The illegal wood cutting and timber smuggling is considered a minor

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Agro-forestry: Trees on farm

Pakistan’s population has reached 180 million, which need a huge requirement of forest products. With the passage of time it is becoming difficult to satisfy the basic necessities of life of the growing population. Being a nation, we are not giving proper attention to forest development. The existing forest area of Pakistan is 4.7 per cent, which is being depleted incessantly, due to cutting, felling of forest trees and commercial over-exploitation. Therefore, the need of tree

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Need stressed for conserving trees

STAFF REPORT KHI: The Federal Urdu University has recently conducted a two-day conference on Climate Change and Bio Resources of Pakistan with the main aim to check the status of climate change and its effects on the bio resources of the country.The conference was the result of joint collaborators of GeoLink Pvt. Ltd., Karachi University, PMNH (Pakistan Museum of Natural History), Islamabad, EMPOWER, and SCCDA (Sindh Coastal Community Development Authority).Prof. Dr. Moinuddin Ahmed, the Chief

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