Commercialisation of GM corn seeds allowed sans field trials

STAFF REPORT ISB: The federal government has granted permission to multinational companies for commercialisation of genetically modified (GM) corn seeds in Pakistan, despite the two senior ministers’ claims in the National Assembly that GM crops would never be allowed in the country.

According to sources, the Ministry of Climate Change has awarded licences to different companies including Monsanto and DuPont/Pioneer for the commercialization of GM crops in the country.


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PARC starts facilitating bio-safety trials for corn

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has started facilitating the private sector to conduct bio-safety trials for corn at the NARC.

"The application of biotechnology in agriculture has great potential for promoting the efficiency of crop improvement, food production and food security for poverty reduction," said PARC Chairman Dr Iftikhar Ahmad while speaking at the concluding session of the National Workshop on Agricultural Biotechnology

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Issues relating to GM corn trials in Pakistan

Recently Dupont Pioneer, Monsanto and Syngenta had planted Bt / GM Corn / maize for trials in Pakistan to obtain commercial approval for this biotech crop. Now the trials have been destroyed as required by current regulatory framework.

To date no proper law exists to regulate GM crops in Pakistan at the provincial level. As directed by Federal Ministry of Law, after 18th constitutional amendment in Pakistan, provinces should be dealing with this issue and not federal government. Thus a

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