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Solar-powered tube-well opens in Mohmand

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article image STAFF REPORT PESH: Peshawar Corps Commander Lt-Gen Khalid Rabbani has inaugurated a solar-powered tube-well in Surkha Kor area of Pandilai tehsil here. "The army was extensively engaged in well-being of the tribal people. The development projects in Fata are aimed at improving the quality of life of the people," the corps commander said while speaking at the inauguration ceremony. He said that nine solar-powered tube-wells had been installed at a cost of Rs7 million each in…Read More

Behria Towns solar panels, tube well stolen from Tharparker

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The solar panels and other precious equipment for the tube wells installed by the Bahria Town at the cost of millions of rupees to provide water to the drought-affected people of Tharparkar have been stolen from the area. The Bahria Town administration has sought help from the Army and Rangers over the matter. According to reports, the Bahria Town is in the process of installing 103 tube wells in the drought-affected Tharparkar district which would be run with the help…Read More

Farm sector to have biogas-run tube wells

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STAFF REPORT FBD: As Pakistan’s agriculture sector is persistently facing the brunt of the energy crisis which has made it impossible for farmers to operate tube wells, a Netherlands-funded programme is promoting biogas as an alternate fuel to run tube wells.Agriculturists say that they are handicapped as they cannot get water from canals or operate tube wells due to the prevailing energy crisis, and since most of the farmers come under the low-income bracket, they cannot go for expensive…Read More

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LT capacitors being installed in IESCO tube wells

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STAFF REPORT IBD: The United States Agency for Inter-national Development (USAID)’s Power Distribution Programme, in collaboration with the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), has started installation of Low Tension (LT) capacitors on tube-wells in various circles of IESCO.In this regard, training for the engineers of IESCO’s Rawalpindi Circle has recently been conducted which was attended by over 40 engineers, says a press release issued here.The USAID’s installation of over 1500…Read More

A glacier test tube baby

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article image By Sabir HussainIN THE confinements of the world’s highest mountain walls of Himalaya, Karakoram, Hindukush and Pamir (HKKH-P) Ranges in Gilgit Baltistan, which have remained home to the eternal glaciers since glacier age, one gets great internal pleasure and feels a deep sense of spiritual attachment to see great bounty of the mother nature while travelling through the mountain pockets in the region.Among many fairy tales and real stories of love and altruism related to the both humans and…Read More

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NA body questions high price of 4000 solar tube wells

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Textile Industry, while taking notice of the exorbitant price estimates of up to Rs 3 million of each solar tube well in the country, has questioned this price saying when this technology is available in the market at Rs 1.5 million as maximum price, then why the Planning Commission has fixed these estimates so high.The committee directed the Planning Commission to present methodology adopted by it for the calculation of the cost of…Read More

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