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Uncontrolled deforestation

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article image If you are living in Islamabad, then you would have noticed deforestation on the Margalla Hills. If you did not observe then you must see in a clear sunny day. It may not be notified by the people who reside in the Capital but the people who come from other areas of the country with a long interval of time, notice deforestation on the Margalla Hills immediately. This is just a single example of that city which is prevalent due to its greenery. Among the various environmental issues…Read More

Uncontrolled used of lead acid batteries

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The persistent power crisis in Pakistan has substantially led to the increased use of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and since most of the people, being financially unable to afford proper batteries which are manufactured for UPS, prefer to use ordinary batteries (car batteries) in UPS. Since most of the people prefer to install batteries close to living rooms being ignorant of the fact that inhaling lead fumes coming out of conventional Lead Acid Battery regularly is like taking a daily dose…Read More