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Unwanted calls and SMSs

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AT 75 I am not in much need of a mobile phone. Still I maintain one to keep contact with my daughters. Apart from the very few calls and SMSs from my near and dear ones, I have been receiving SMSs for quite some time containing advertisements of the mobile company. Of late, however, not only their number has increased but unwanted calls are also being received. One can learn to live with unwanted SMSs because there is no urgency to open them, but when the bell rings for an unwanted…Read More

PTA rises to control unwanted SMSs

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STAFF REPORT IBD: In an effort to protect the rights of telecom customers in Pakistan, the telecom regulatory authority (PTA) has promulgated "Protection from Spam, Un-Solicited, Fraudulent and Obnoxious Communication Regulations 2009".The transmission of bulk messages to any person for commercial purposes is subject to express permission of recipient.PTA once again warns SMS marketing and advertising agencies not to send unwanted and fraudulent spam text messages or calls to mobile…Read More