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Utilising IT to arrest militancy!

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Militant groups especially in the sub-continent feel a little bit relaxed in hitting their targets at will without feeling any fear of being intercepted. Terrorism has gradually demonstrated increased abilities to adapt to counter-terrorism measures and repeated failures on the part of political leaderships. To exchange information, terrorists have exploited disposable cellular phones, over the counter long-distance calling cards, Internet cafes, and other means of anonymous communications.…Read More

Pakistan heading to better utilising space technology

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article image Paras AliTHE TREMENDOUS developments in space sector have enabled mankind to probe deeper into space and helped in developing better understanding of the universe. Pakistan has been utilising the applications of space science and technology in various fields."The approval of Pakistan’s Space Vision 2040 has placed the country among the space faring nations," said Chairman SUPARCO, Maj Gen (Retd) Ahmed Bilal while addressing the three-day National Space Conference held here in the…Read More