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Wastewater irrigation: an alarming threat to Pakistan

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WITH THE increase in urban population and the expansion of metropolitans in the country, the wastewater release in fresh water sources is becoming a menace for authorities. Huge quantities of wastewater are being released into surface water mostly without treatment, or with a very little management. Usually, the downstream of urban areas are comprised of […]…Read More

Deleterious effects of waste-water and its sustainable use

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Discarding of rising volumes of waste-water, because of quickly growing urban agglomerations and mounting industrialization become hot issue which developing countries are currently harassed to deal. The technology for treating waste water is often painstaking as unreasonable luxuries suitable only to prosperous countries. On the other hand, the insufficiency of water for irrigation is a […]…Read More

Wastewater pollution in Pakistan, Potential pollutants, sources and their toxicity

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article image A wide variety of resources granted by nature are also using to retain and to develop life on this planet. Amongst them, water is a key element to support all kind of existence on this planet as one of the most dynamic human resources. Its preservation is, therefore, a priority. Since, it also has political, […]…Read More

CDA & PARC establish Bioremediation sites at streams in Islamabad territory to clean wastewater

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article image The Capital Development Authority (CDA) with the collaboration of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has established Pakistan Bioremediation Model for Wastewater Treatment at Rose and Jasmine Garden and F-9 Park Islamabad to clean the wastewater of streams passing at these places. The treated water is used for green belt and other horticultural activities. The bioremediation technology will help to save our drinking water and to protect the environment and beauty of the…Read More

Untreated wastewater threatening environment, agriculture l and s

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article image Nabeel Khan Niazi ISLAMABAD: The untreated release of contaminated wastewater from various industriesand municipal supplies into soil and water bodies has emerged as a major environmental, social and public health concerns while the implementation of relevant laws is virtually at zero level, thus forcing Pakistan to facing an accumulative loss of billions of rupees per annum to the national kitty in addition to causing various human diseases. A fresh data prepared by the Punjab…Read More

Aerobic Treatment for recycling kitchen wastewater

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article image WORLD POPULATION is at the verge of water shortage which demands proper management of water resources to meet requirements of rapidly growing population. Collection and reuse of wastewater has never been a priority in Pakistan but the concept is much more demanding in current needs especially in the areas having water shortage like Pothowar region. A low cost treatment system to reuse wastewater in agriculture sector may also aid in meeting water shortages.Wastewater creates public health…Read More