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Indian hackers hacked govt’s websites

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Indian hackers hacked Various websites of government and were disfigured by pro-India messages. A group of hackers that called them “LulzSec India” has hacked the websites of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Climate Change, Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, and many others. Hackers left on websites the messages having praises of India and its armed […]…Read More

Blocking websites and cyber technology

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IN the past few years, increased taxes and poor law and order situation in the country has have resulted in losses for cellular network operators, while the ban on Internet contents has also decreased revenues of ISPs and submarine fibre optic cable operators in the country. Much has been said about all this and other challenges facing the telecommunications industry but the nation has another challenge awaiting, and that is cyber crime law. Pakistan must align its relevant local laws…Read More

PTAs blocking websites criteria unclear

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Delay in blocking of websites objectionable’ has always been an issue for the internet surfers but at the same time the blockade of those website that do not carry any objectionable’ stuff, too, has confused rather surprised the internet users as the telecom watchdog, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has not yet come up with any clear criteria of blocking certain websites.More recently, the telecom authority has directed all ISPs to block 15 YouTube links reportedly on…Read More

PTA orders blocking sc and alous websites

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB:  The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ordered all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block numerous scandalous internet sites, specifically the audio recording of a sensual conversation between two sitting parliamentarians.The footage of a press conference in which a lady TV artist claimed that she and a man working with a state organisation have secretly got married and they have a son, is also to be blocked.In an email directive to all ISPs issued by Mohammad…Read More

Student sends 780,000 adult websites to PTA for blockede

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Ghazi Abdullah, a 15-year-old school student, has sent a list of 780,000 adult websites, which, according to him, should be blocked in accordance with the Supreme Court orders but are still accessible to general internet users in Pakistan."I have sent a list to PTA only because the authority had asked me for a list of adult websites," Abdullah told the media while quoting an authority letter sent to him by Director General, Law and Regulations.Earlier, Abdullah had…Read More