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Allahyar animated movie based on wildlife conservation in Pakistan

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Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor is an animated movie of teaser based on need for wildlife conservation in Pakistan. The teaser is under work but is a representation of breathtaking natural landscapes and national animals of Pakistan. 3rd World Studios is the production house behind the film. The film is based on the story […]…Read More

WWF-Pakistan held workshop on illegal wildlife trafficking

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article image ISLAMABAD: The World Wide Fund (WWF) Pakistan has organised a consultative workshop aiming to seek recommendations from relevant stakeholders on the draft National Plan of Action (NPOA), developed to combat illegal wildlife trade in Pakistan. The workshop was part of the consultative and training series conducted under the project Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade by establishing a National Monitoring Network that Benefits Local Communities and…Read More

Comprehensive conservation initiative needed for protecting vulnerable ecosystems, forests and wildlife of Pakistan

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article image PAKISTAN, LOCATED on the western edge of South Asia represents diverse ecosystems extending from the snow clad mountains in the north, wide river valleys, vast flood plains and deserts criss-crossing the nation with unique coastal ecosystems along her southern and south western borders. Within these vast areas are located different ecosystems with specific forest types and a rich diversity of wildlife. The spectacular natural beauty of the nation draws several tourists around the globe. But…Read More

WWW urges govt to draft wildlife conservation policy

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Senior Director World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pakistan chapter, Dr Ejaz Ahmad has urged the government to devise a comprehensive policy for wildlife conservation as it is an integral part of the country’s biodiversity. He said Pakistan’s wildlife consisted of some 668 species of birds, 195 species of mammals and 192 species of reptiles. For the protection and conservation of these species and their habitat, a network of protected areas was currently in place working…Read More

Wildlife becoming vulnerable to global warming: WWF

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: WWF Pakistan has urged the need for the protection and conservation of wildlife in Pakistan, which is most vulnerable to global warming. "Wildlife is an important resource with economic, cultural and recreational value to humans, and is also an integral part of biodiversity of Pakistan. Global warming and climate change is forcing wildlife to change its behaviours, he said, adding that for instance, many birds are nesting, breeding, and migrating earlier as…Read More

Wildlife survival at risk by rising anthropogenic activities

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STAFF REPORT ISB: World Wildlife Conservation Day has recently celebrated at the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PNH) in Islamabad. Prof. Dr. Qasim Jan, former VC QAU and Advisor COMSTECH, was the chief guest on this occasion. The event was jointly organised by Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), PMNH, US Embassy Islamabad, and Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF). Dr. Qasim said that due to anthropogenic activities, wildlife populations have…Read More

Markhor giving new life to wildlife in Pakistan

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has announced that the markhor - a majestic wild goat species - is making a remarkable comeback in Pakistan due to the continued conservation efforts. The WCS-led community surveys have revealed that markhor population in northern Pakistan's Kargah region in Gilgit-Baltistan has increased from a low of approximately 40-50 individuals in 1991 to roughly 300 this year.These community surveys suggest that the total markhor population where…Read More