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Winter related fodder shortage problems in small animal holders

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A common question from small livestock farmers at my village is about management of fodder. Especially In winter season they have shortage of fodder and lack proper substitute to fulfil the deficiency of fodder. They have not enough resources to buy modern resources. It is a fact that Pakistan is an agriculture based country where […]…Read More

PTCL introduces winter offer for broadband customers

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article image PRESS RELEASE: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is offering its 2Mbps and 4Mbps broadband internet at discounted rates with free SmartTV through Winter Offer’ for the convenience of valued customers. The new offer by the company enables customers to avail 2Mbps unlimited package for just Rs. 1,299 per month and 4Mbps unlimited package for Rs. 1,750 per month. Customers also get free Wi-Fi router and free SmartTV along with payment of installation charges in easy…Read More

Summer freshness and winter flavors are here to last all year long

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article image Press Release: Fruity popsicles, pints of home-made tart, lemony beverages, foodie gatherings and slacking back on day by day assignments comes following alongside hot summers. Add stormy showers to this mid-year fun and you have fiery Pakoras and khattichutnito harp on to. In any case, who will promise that amusing to keep going long? While winters might never substitute for the essence of summer, it has its own flavors and hues to live with foodpanda, your most loved web requesting…Read More

The winter blues

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article image Canada and the related regions of the world experienced the longest winters of the decade. Snow in March, without a clear surety of ending anytime before the mid or end of April. Well, I respect the opinions of climate change deniers, but at the same time, I cannot negate the winters and their cold and brutal reality that I personally faced during the Canadian winters of 2014. After having asked several natives, living in the region since long, the most common comments I could gather…Read More

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Insects winter ecology

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article image Insect overwintering is a fascinating process involving many physiological, epidemiological, bi¬ochemical and behavioral changes. The study of the overwintering process can offer an insight into the development of insects, as well as helps us predict the patterns of disease epidemic and crop destruction caused by some species. Insect winter ecology entails the overwinter survival strategies of insects, which are in many respects more similar to those of plants than to many other animals…Read More