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‘Worst form of climate change fallout in Pakistan’

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Environmental scientist Professor Dr. Moazzam Ali Khan stated on World Environment Day today, Pakistan is facing some of the worst effects of greenhouse gases, Even with comparatively fewer greenhouse gases production. Dr. Khan emphasized that there is just 0.3% towards greenhouse gases from Pakistan but still Pakistan is facing the ‘worst form of climate change […]…Read More

Food security in Pakistan getting worst despite good crops

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The food security in Pakistan seems extremely chaotic as despite the fact that farmers are producing more and more, especially wheat, and the country is enjoying surplus crops, the masses are still suffering shortage and unabated price hike and the food security issue is getting a serious courtesy the nefarious elements like middlemen, smuggling mafia and official network of some relevant department.Food experts are critically examining this situation giving a warning that the…Read More

Pak worst hit by climate change

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan, Guatemala and Russia have been the countries worst hit by climate change in the recent past, with thousands of lives lost to extreme weather events.Experts said this at a recently held seminar at Karachi’s NED University titled where the climatic change and its impacts especially on Pakistan was highlighted.Prof. Imran Ahmed said that it is not global warming alone that is pushing the world towards climatic catastrophe, adding that climatic change is impacting on…Read More

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