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PARC unveils 11 news high-yielding rice varieties

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The PARC HAS approved eleven new high-yielding rice varieties including seven hybrid and four Open-Pollinated (OP) seed for cultivation in various ecologies. The Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) on Rice was held here at PARC headquarters under the chairmanship of Member Plant Sciences Division, Dr. Muhammad Shahid Masood. In total nineteen rice varieties were presented before the VEC including 14 hybrid and 5 OP varieties, out of which 11 were approved and 8…Read More

Pak scientist develops highest yielding rice strain

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article image STAFF REPORT PSR: A Pakistani scientist, Dr Fida Abbasi has developed Super NPT technology which is a unique technology for increasing the rice production of the country.Dr Abbasi had been serving at Hazara University Mansehra as a professor at the Department of Genetics."By applying this technology the number of grains per panicle of rice plant had been increased from 250 to 700," Dr. Abbasi said this while talking to the media here.According to him, the production had been increased…Read More

Phosphoric acid a high yielding source

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is blessed with huge natural resources that can be fully exploited by developing new technologies and adopting them on large scale otherwise Pakistan would lag behind in the race of economic development."The dream of economic development in Pakistan can only come true through adoption of innovative technologies," said Dr. Mubarik Ali, Chief Executive Punjab Agricultural Research Board (PARB) while inaugurating the Farmers’ Field Day.He apprised the audience…Read More