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What will Your House Look like in 10 Years?

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article image Smart home technology gaining traction in emerging markets. LAHORE, JANUARY 07, 2015: From the moment you wake up in the morning, the house reacts to your needs. The automated lights turn on slowly to wake you up at a scheduled time. From the comfort of your bed, you switch on your coffee machine so your morning cup is fresh and hot by the time you arrive downstairs for breakfast. You enter the bathroom and stand in front of your intelligent mirror. The mirror’s reflective surface…Read More

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Now Emotions Can Be Read via Your Typing Style.

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article image A new computer programme can identify people's emotions based on how they type. An emotionally intelligent online system that can be helpful in changing the teaching style to easily understand a particular student’s emotional state. "This computer interface is intelligent enough to interact with humans and can detect user emotions and change its behavior accordingly. Just by typing a block of sample text. The emotions that could identify any of seven different emotional states…Read More

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