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EDF okays setting up of tannery zone in Sialkot

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: A project has been approved for the establishment of a tannery zone in Sialkot for climate change adaptation through tanneries relocation in leather industrial zone. The project, Board of Administrators of Export Development Fund, will be implemented under the supervision of Environmental Protection Agency Punjab with the technical and financial assistance of the UNIDO. The project will address the concerns of international buyers who often express alarms at the…Read More

Pakistan’s official website hacked to support red zone protestors

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article image With the intense political situation of the country, hackers decided to part with their favourite personalities and help them on their mission. Today morning hackers defaced Pakistan’s official website Pakistan.gov.pk; while they placed pictures of some of the famous political leaders, they were quite clean enough to leave nothing behind for identification. Certainly that could have given a very negative signal to the outside world as the people within the state are expected for…Read More

Fodder value for livestock in arid zone

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article image MOST OF the land area of Pakistan is classified as arid (lack of available water) to semi-arid as rainfall is not sufficient to grow agricultural crops and in the rain fed (farming practices that rely only on rainfall) areas of Pakistan. The rainfall varies from less than 100 mm to over 1000 mm annually with an average of about 400 mm/year. In such areas, the important sector for source of revenue is livestock which plays a vital role as a substitute during drought years when crop gets poor…Read More

Sindh plans modern farm demo zone

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article image Staff Report IBD: The Sindh government plans to set up an Agriculture Demonstration Zone at Tandojam with an aim to introducing local farmers with new agriculture techniques."The introduction of new system, in collaboration with China, would result in improvement of their current cultivation pattern and marketing system of their produce," an official of the Planning Commission said.The official said that the Sindh government has submitted programme component-II of the project seeking…Read More

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Water issue places Pakistan in Red Zone list

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article image STAFF REPORT FBD: Water security has become a critical issue as Pakistan has been placed in the Red Zone list in the water availability index."Although Pakistan is a food secure country, yet the water crisis might turn the fertile lands into barren if the issue is not addressed in time," said University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice-Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan while addressing an annual function of the Agricultural Engineering Department here last week.He stressed the need to…Read More

Pakistan in red zone in water conservation decline

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article image STAFF REPORT FBD: Adoption of modern water conservation methods and agricultural practices is imperative to cope with the water scarcity as Pakistan has been placed in red zone due to low per capita water availability at 1,000 cubic metres. India has 1,600 cubic metres of water per person per year while major European countries have up to twice as much ranging from 2,300 cubic metres in Germany to 3,000 cubic metres in France.These were the views of speakers who addressed a seminar titled "…Read More