Techaccess, Microsoft arrange Cloud OS

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Techaccess, in collaboration with Microsoft has recently hosted an event on Cloud OS at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore,.

Business Manager, Mehdi Hassan Raja from Techaccess, opened the event with a welcome note and also shed light on the extravagant partnership amongst Techaccess and Microsoft, and their success together.

Ahmed Faraz, the Account Technology Strategist (Microsoft), discussed about cloud, its vision and its application in the real world.

Usman Hashmi Sr. Technical Manager (Techaccess) then discussed the value, which is Private Cloud, followed with the final presentation of the day carried out by Ahmed Faraz again on Windows Azure and its benefits.

Techaccess has enjoyed being Microsofts partner for a better half of a decade, and has recently been appointed as the LSP (Licensing Solution Providers).


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 13

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