Telecom sector gaining pace with sustained growth

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The telecom sector, which is considered as tool for advancement, has now revolutionized the way people connect and interact as a visible change in ICT sector is picking up pace with each passing year.

It is the sector that has reduced distances, transcended borders and brought people together in way never seen in the entire human history.

Like previous few years, the telecom sector in Pakistan also grew stronger in year 2012-13 with major indicators showed improvement.

In its latest summary of year 2012-13 the PTA revealed CMOs together added 8.1 million new subscribers to their networks. CMOs cover 92 per cent of the land area via 35,889 cell sites across Pakistan. The broadband sector also showed reasonable growth with 2.72 million subscribers and 30 percent growth during 2012-13.


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 06

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