Unilever, WWF-Pak become allies to fight Climate Change

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Climate change is one of the serious challenges Pakistan is facing that has number of detrimental traces on various domains including food security, agriculture, human health etc. The World Wide Fund Pakistan (WWF-Pak), the agency working on environment and biodiversity as focus areas, has come closer to Unilever Pakistan according to a mutual deal to cooperate for joint initiatives pertaining to nature conservation by increasing tree plantation through their programmes in order to curtail the temperature rise and balance the impact of carbon emissions.

Ali Dehlavi, Senior Manager, Building Capacity on Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas of Pakistan (CCAP) project of WWF-Pakistan said while speaking on the event, “WWF-Pak and Unilever joint efforts to mitigate climate change impacts in Pakistan is another step towards increased collaborative action to create positive change on the ground”.

The representative of Unilever Pakistan also enumerated various contributions of the company for environmental sustainability and assured that it will continue to adapt eco-friendly business model.

The sources leak that that both the organizations have till now planted up to 2,000 trees to stem the impacts of growing climate change challenge. The passionate volunteers took part in the healthy and productive activity of tree plantation exhibiting the commitment of Green and clean Pakistan.


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