Unwanted calls and SMSs

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AT 75 I am not in much need of a mobile phone. Still I maintain one to keep contact with my daughters. Apart from the very few calls and SMSs from my near and dear ones, I have been receiving SMSs for quite some time containing advertisements of the mobile company.

Of late, however, not only their number has increased but unwanted calls are also being received.

One can learn to live with unwanted SMSs because there is no urgency to open them, but when the bell rings for an unwanted call, one jumps to receive it.

This is especially irksome if you are lying on the bed, and the set is on the table.

These unwanted calls and SMSs offer phone packages, Internet facility, live commentary on cricket matches, breaking news and Sundry household services ranging from pest control to washing your water tank.

As if all this were not enough, there is also news about an aphrodisiac drug.

Obviously, such calls and SMSs cannot be circulated without the permission or knowledge of the mobile phone networks.

I request the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and the mobile networks to please have pity on the poor nerves of people like me by disallowing the transmission of all unwanted calls and messages.




Published in: Volume 04 Issue 52

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