Viper plans further expansion, seeks govt support

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Viper Technology – one of Pakistans oldest computer brands – is eying nation-wide expansion, especially by increasing its footprint in the education sector.

“Viper is the only Pakistani brand dealing in desktop computers, laptops, and tablets that has survived the beating from higher taxes and influx of used computers that flooded the country over the past decade, Viper CEO Khushnood Aftab told the media.

Fast forward to 2016, the company has become one of the top selling PC brands in the country – courtesy its business strategy: identifying local needs and customizing its products to meet those needs. Viper has been expanding its footprint, especially in business-to-business (B2B) segment with its clientele comprising leading textile firms, leather goods manufacturers, banks, telecommunication companies, media organisations, education sector and government departments.

Worldwide PC shipments totaled 71.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to International Data Corporation.

The company has started penetrating in to the education sector through private schools, Aftab said adding two renowned schools in Karachi were using their products, which meet world-class standards.

The CEO said that Viper trained their teachers who now feel comfortable using latest computer systems for teaching, and reject obsolete systems like teaching through blackboard – a big help in driving growth of PC business. The company started assembling desktop computers in 1996 at MA Jinnah Road, Karachi. Back then, there were many Pakistani companies which assembled PCs locally including Inbox, Optimum Technology and others.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 16

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