WWW urges govt to draft wildlife conservation policy

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Senior Director World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pakistan chapter, Dr Ejaz Ahmad has urged the government to devise a comprehensive policy for wildlife conservation as it is an integral part of the countrys biodiversity.

He said Pakistans wildlife consisted of some 668 species of birds, 195 species of mammals and 192 species of reptiles. For the protection and conservation of these species and their habitat, a network of protected areas was currently in place working under the Provincial Wildlife Protection Laws, he said this while talking to the media.

Dr Ijaz said there were 26 national parks, 92 wildlife sanctuaries, 89 game reserves and 115 community reserve while the network of protected areas covered about 12 per cent of the land area of the country.

Highlighting the needs for protection of biodiversity in Pakistan, he wildlife was most vulnerable to global warming. “Global warming and climate changes are forcing wildlife to change their behaviours such as many birds are nesting, breeding, and migrating earlier as spring arrives sooner than before,” he added.

According to scientists, if the global temperature rose by 1.5xC then 25 per cent of the Earths animals and plants would disappear while 3xC rise would see 30 per cent disappearance of animals and plants, he said.

Dr Ejaz that the Earths average temperature had warmed by about 0.76xC over the last 100 years, with most of this warming occurring in last 20 years.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 07

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