Zong keen to test 5G technology in Pakistan

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KARACHI: The cellular company Zong has shown interest to perform trial runs of 5G technology in Pakistan during a high level meeting in Islamabad, a statement said on Wednesday.

Secretary General International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Houlin Zhao visited the headquarters of Zong along with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Dr Ismail Shah and other officials.

The delegation was briefed about various initiatives taken by Zong to boost the telecom sector in Pakistan. The delegates appreciated key measures initiated by Zong to become the most effective and innovative 4G network in the country.

CEO and Chairman Zong, Liu Dianfeng said, “Our teams are working very hard not only to bring new technology to the Pakistani people but also the applications and end-to-end solutions to enhance the quality of life for the local people.

These solutions have been exclusively developed by Zong and have been tried and tested in China.” Zong also showed keen interest to perform trial runs of 5G technologies during the session, depicting its willingness to adopt the latest technology and be an industry leader, said the statement.

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